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Image of Cajun fish with rice & asparagus

Cajun fish with asparagus & rice

I have made a Cajun rub for this dish, which is perfect for a lazy weekday dinner. It is so easy to make, that it could be the ‘go to’ recipe whenever you are feeling really tired to cook, but want a nice home cooked meal. This is the joy of cooking with some simple ingredients, the most important thing being that the fish is fresh so the simple ingredients work well together.

Oil is an integral ingredient in many a delicious recipe. We tend to think of oil as being fatty substance, which it is, but as you know, certain types of oil are better than others.The fish in this recipe is cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which boasts a slew of health benefits in addition to a strong herbal and citrusy flavor. Most Cajun fish recipes I have seen, are cooked with lots of butter but olive oil boosts the nutritional value of your meal. At first, olive oil may not appear less fatty, but what counts is that it has a lot less saturated fat than butter.


2 White fish fillets

4 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tsp Paprika

1 Tsp Garlic powder

½ Tsp Thyme (dried)

½ Tsp Oregano (dried)

½ Tsp Cayenne pepper

½ Tsp Black Pepper

Salt to taste

The 3 Steps 

Mix all the spices to make the Cajun rub

1. Mix all the spices to make the Cajun rub

Coat the fish in the Cajun rub

2. Coat the fish in the Cajun Rub

Pan fry the fish

3. Pan fry the fish


In a large bowl, combine all the spices and make a rub.

Dip the fish fillets in the EVOO. Then coat well with the spice rub.

Heat up a skillet till it’s almost smoking.

Add the fish fillets to the pan, and cook on each side for a few minutes.

Its ready to serve!!

I paired it up with some steamed rice, asparagus & sautéed mushrooms. This tastes really good with just vegetables too, if you are following a low carb diet!