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Image of Eggs, bacon, black beans in flour tortilla

Eggs, bacon, black beans in flour tortilla

I made this breakfast Burrito in the morning, and my hubby was asking “Are you Mexican today”? That was his way of giving me a compliment, because he never would outright say, “thank you honey, for coming up with interesting ideas for my breakfast”.  So I just smiled and took it as a compliment. I just thought I would share this, since I am blogging about it today.

Never mind, but I thought I would come up with something different this morning, and was looking at this Tex-Mex favourite recipe. As usual I tweaked it my way. I did not fancy using peppers or tomatoes, and I ran out of cheese, so I omitted both of them, but you can add them on to your burritos.

Image of Breakfast burrito with turkey bacon

Breakfast burrito with turkey bacon


2 Whole-wheat Soft flour Tortillas

2 Eggs

½ cup chopped Onions

4 strips Turkey Bacon,

1 cup Black beans (I used half a tin of beans)

Spray Oil, as needed

Salt, Black pepper and red pepper (to taste)


Heat a saucepan, add the spray oil.

Add onions and sauté till they soften.

In the meantime, chop up the Turkey bacon into ¼ inch-wide pieces.

Add the bacon to the pan, and sauté till almost cooked.

Saute Bacon and onions

In a different pan, add the eggs and scramble them. I usually whisk the eggs with some milk in a bowl. In the pan I melt a little bit of butter and add whisked  eggs, and then cook on medium – low heat.

image of Cooking the eggs and add the black beans

Cooking the eggs and adding the black beans

Once the bacon is almost done add the black beans.  Stir in some salt, black pepper and red pepper.

Stir up the mixture, as you sauté the veggies and the bacon. Add the eggs on top, stir again and turn the heat off.

Heat up the tortilla in the microwave for about 10 seconds or as directed.

Remove half the bacon and egg mixture from the pan and scoop it onto the tortilla.

Fold the tortilla, tucking in the ends. Repeat with the second tortilla.

Image of Rolling the burrito