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Now that summer is here, I am always looking for ways to cool down. Nothing tastes better than fresh juice, on a hot hot day. This cocktail is great as the watermelon refreshes you and there are little bits of apple for an added depth of flavor. So easy to make too! 🙂

image of Watermelon

Watermelon chunks

image of watermelon and apple drink

Watermelon and apple drink


½  Head Watermelon (seedless)

1 Apple

½ cup Orange Juice

6-8 cubes of Ice


Chop up the watermelon into bite sized chunks.

Put in the blender with the orange juice and the ice, then pulse on high.

Once blended add the apple and pulse on low, for 20 seconds.

Voila you have the watermelon cocktail and the crunchiness of the apples all together in one drink.